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Sep. 18, 2004

Due to certain unforeseen immigration delays, Sandcastle Theory's MEANY FEST showcase and NYC club dates have been temporarily postponed.  These dates will be rescheduled as soon as possible, so please stay tuned... Updates will be posted on the shows page.  Sorry for the inconvenience.



Aug. 7, 2004


Hey, hey, hey...look who has a web presence again.  Yes, it's me...your friendly, neighborhood guitar man...back from the brink and ready to socialize.

Sorry about the vanishing, folks.  It's been a very long and taxing year, both professionally and personally, for the Sandcastle Theory family.  Many renovations have taken place, and it's time to start getting y'all back in the loop.

First, I would like to say thanks, on behalf of the entire Sandcastle Theory team, to our friend (web-designer extraordinaire), Chris Inch, for doing such a great job creating this website.

We're all very excited about our new home here in take a look around, sign up for the mailing list, register yourself on the message board, and get down with the down and in.

We have a new record on the way (courtesy of IJH Productions Inc. and Michael Borkosky), new management, new promotional support, and a new live line-up, comprised of the most talented players ever to hit the stage as Sandcastle Theory to date.  Trust me, they are fabulous, so be sure to catch us live.

We will be on tour, come the new year, throughout Canada and the United States, in support of the new record.  So keep an ear to the ground, or just pop in here, now and then; we do hope to see you out there on the road once again.  That's all for now.  Peace!



Jul. 17, 2004

For those of you lucky enough to have won the latest Molson Canadian "exclusive dates tour" contest, I will see you on the train this afternoon.  I'm hosting the pre-show party for The Tragically Hip/Finger Eleven concert, as part of Bay Fest, in Sarnia.  I'll be performing two acoustic sets: one on the train, one at the festival.

Free beer and The Hip; it's time to get our drink on, folks!  See y'all there.



Jul. 2, 2004

USA here we come!  Sandcastle Theory will be showcased, to more than 500 people, in a mainstage venue at the APCA Conference in Houston, Texas, November 19 - 21, 2004.  We will be playing to the representatives of over 400 colleges and universities in the mid-America region of the United States.



Jun. 21, 2004

Great news!  We have signed a deal with Evolution Promotion to promote the upcoming Sandcastle Theory album.  We will be launching a radio/press campaign shortly, so stay tuned.

My latest album "Sandcastle Theory – I Am John The Savage" will be promoted by Karen Doran and Karen Lee of Evolution Promotion.  They have worked with such artists as:

  • Sting
  • Sinead O'Connor
  • Mannhiem Steamroller
  • William Orbit
  • REM
  • 10,000 Maniacs
  • Stewert Copeland
  • Otis Taylor
  • Jane Siberry

...and many more.

They will be handling all promotion & media concerning Sandcastle Theory for the coming months.  If you would like to contact them, for a promo copy of the new record or information related to the promotion, you can visit their website at or contact our management at  Thanks.



Apr. 24, 2004

It's 5:15am... I can't sleep.  I just found out that Matthew John Osborne, a valued member of our local music community, passed away in his sleep only a few hours ago.  I am embarrassed to admit that I don't know Matt's age; but what I can tell you is this: he was an incredible musician and an even more incredible person.  Talented, generous, funny, sincere, always humble... Really, the list of complimentary adjectives goes on and on.  Amidst the gossip of our tightly-woven community, I have never heard a bad word spoken about Matt; to meet him is to understand why.  I was listening to his record "man versus concrete" just yesterday... I'm going to go listen to it again, right now, more thankful than ever that Matt put so much of himself into his music.  Rest assured, Matt, you will be dearly missed.  God bless.




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